Social Services


HRA 2010E certificates are offered by New York City to designated aid recipients. Rules and provisions should be discussed with your Housing Counselor. When the the 2010E voucher has been awarded, our counselors coordinate with the client to identify available units in the desired area, then start the process with the third-party organization that provides landlord services to its tenants.


In addition to Subleasing Ad Posts, our apprentices facilitate new furnishing in conjunction with the Freebies App. Clients only need to select the items they are interested in picking up and we select and make arrangements for drop off.


Roommate Discovery links approved voucher recipients. Using our network of Housing Counselors, we connect recipients who might reside in different transitional housing sites. This allows for rapid placement to multi-unit dwellings that might otherwise be inaccessible to some.


After move in, NYC HRA Benefits: Recertification Consultation is offered, so that you keep receiving the benefits you are entitled.