Lease Coordination

Statement Review and Advice

Statement Review and Advice provides clients with documentation, such as apartment lease requirements and instructions on how to obtain statements needed to start the leasing process. From initial consultation to close, processing averages 30 days.

HRA 2010E Certificates

HRA 2010E certificates are offered by New York City to designated aid recipients. Rules and provisions should be discussed with your Housing Counselor. When the the 2010E voucher has been awarded, our counselors coordinate with the client to identify available units in the desired area, then start the process with the third-party organization that provides landlord services to its tenants.

Roommate Discovery

Roommate Discovery links approved voucher recipients. Using our network of Housing Counselors, we connect recipients who might reside in different transitional housing sites. This allows for rapid placement to multi-unit dwellings that might otherwise be inaccessible to some.

Sublease Ad Posting

Subleasing Ad Post is a complimentary service that advertises roommate openings in various publications. This service is only available to voucher approved participants.


In addition to Subleasing Ad Posts, our apprentices facilitate new furnishing in conjunction with the Freebies App. Clients only need to select the items they are interested in picking up and we select and make arrangements for drop off.

Subordinate Lessor Processing

Subordinate Lessor Processing is fast! Renters only need to submit their pay stubs for a monthly or city-approved voucher with any other documentation required by the respective property manager.

Application Completion

Every step of the way, we guide clients through the Rental Application Completion process. Once you’re all moved in, we package your lease, budget, and other documents that have been crafted throughout your consultation and share them via Google Drive, so you have ready access whenever their needed.

Approval Letters

Approval Letters provided by NYC HRA LINC and 2010E vouchers are required, if you are receiving benefits. Vouchers must be up to date, and must also be verified by the issuing agency. Vouchers that are found to be noncompliant will not be processed.

Lease Signing

At Lease Signing, consultation, budgeting, and Roommate Discovery come together, so you’re informed and confident that the lease terms are clear and to your satisfaction.


Budgeting for Move In Assistance is processed with Access Point Accounting guidance. Everything from the average electric and cable bill, to your average food costs, to your Netflix subscription is covered. All you have to do is let us know you want it and we help figure out exactly how to make that happen.

Move In

Move In Assistance is supported by Positivity Indoor and Outdoor Services, one of the Positivity Market training projects. Hold Deposit is processed at a 10% discount and billing is done automatically, so all you have to do is unpack.

Benefits Recertification

After move in, NYC HRA Benefits: Recertification Consultation is offered, so that you keep receiving the benefits you are entitled.

Property Management

We manage your property while your Sale or Purchase is being processed. In addition to sale management, Our Property Management provides renters with move in and move out clean up.